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assessment movement ABC2 kit During an introductory phone call, your child’s difficulties can be discussed and you will be advised on whether a Paediatric Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist can help you and your child. From this conversation it can also be decided what format an initial assessment should take. An assessment can be individual or joint discipline, depending on need.

assessment Assessment will involve time spent with your baby or child observing and physically assessing them. It will also include time talking with the parent or carer regarding your child’s medical history, school or nursery experiences and the nature of their difficulties.

We have extensive experience of using clinical observations of a child’s play and clinical assessment skills to ascertain what developmental level your child is functioning at and which areas they may need additional help with.

physical assessment We can also offer standardised assessments to investigate difficulties with fine and gross motor coordination, sensory processing difficulties, visual perceptual skills, and handwriting difficulties. Standardised assessments can also be offered to investigate delay or specific difficulty with achieving developmental milestones and play skills.

Assessment can take place at your own home, at school or at a nursery if required, or even at your doctors surgery or similar, if suitable space is available.

Following assessment, a detailed report will be produced for parents which can also be sent to school or nursery if required. This report will contain details of your child’s identified difficulties following assessment, and treatment recommendations.


children playing Each child's treatments are individually tailored and specifically focused to your child's abilities and needs. Children will always learn best through play and we like our sessions to be fun to make the experience enjoyable for your child. This is essential for them to achieve their full potential from therapy.


photo displaying motor coordination skill Treatment can be offered either at your home, at school or nursery or at a mixture of the two, whichever is most appropriate to your families needs.


Treatment can also be offered within a group. Treatment can be with an individual therapist or both disciplines together, depending on the child's needs and parental request.


Conditions we treat include:

Cerebral Palsy
Acquired Brain Injury
Down Syndrome or other chromosome disorders
Dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
Sensory Processing Disorders
Global Developmental Delay

Treatment sessions can be offered weekly, or in blocks of 6 weekly or fortnightly sessions, or as appropriate for your child. Treatment will work towards clearly identified goals that have been agreed between the parent and therapist. These goals will be regularly reviewed and evaluated as your child's treatment progresses.


If your child has already been assessed by a qualified and registered therapist within the past 6 months and you would like us to follow treatment recommendations from a previous report, we are happy to do so if we are provided with a full copy of the report and the previous therapist's contact details.


 or, ring Karen Bowden [for OT] 07743 033793 or Cathryn McMaster [for Physio] 07748 503293

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